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About Us

Phantom Toys launched in 2020 with a simple mission: to sell the toys, games, puzzles, collectibles, and brands that we love and are passionate about.  We are experienced e-commerce merchants who have been selling toys and collectibles online for more than 20 years. However, all of that experience is simply what growing up forced us the end of the day, we are adults who never quite left our childhood behind and who still love toys every bit as much as we did in those magical days of youth when a trip to the local toy store stoked the fires of our imagination in ways that few other things could. 

We do not carry any toy, book, product, or brand unless it is something that: (1) we loved as a child, (2) our children love(d), (3) caused us to say "that's awesome!" upon first sight, or (4) is unquestionably awesome.  We stand behind every product we sell 100%.

We are located at 1400 East Geer Street, Unit 7, Durham, NC 27704, but are not open to the public at this location.